You Must Know About Log Cabin Maintenance

Wooden house manufacturers often anticipate housing and home depreciation after the period of use. As such, they use measurements such as writing drywall around the stem to help further improve the life of this structure. After you buy a wooden house, maintenance responsibilities are in your hands and, unfortunately, there is not enough information about how to do it. More often than not, the information provided is not the right solution if you want to maintain a connection home for decades. Find several ways that you can use to manage your home.

What you need to know

Wood care

You might think that the initial treatment of wood is made of weather elements. However, that is not true. Most care films are used on hardwood, such as when the rod moves, the film splits, showing wood to weather elements like rain. Over time, mold and mildew will hatch in these spaces, causing rotten wood that can harm you at home. The good thing to do is to fight fatigue.


Always check the manufacturer from whom you bought your log home. Some people like to take shortcuts to maximize returns and drive construction with dead trees. When a tree dies, internal decay begins and, over time, begins to appear long after the house is purchased. To make matters worse, some of these manufacturers will end logs on film maintenance, stop decay and speed up the breaking process. You can save a lot of hassle by getting a high-quality wooden house from a reliable manufacturer right from the start.

Takeaway plate

Trees have enemies who can defend themselves while still alive. However, once the tree is cut, it's up to humans to protect it from the weather to ensure long-term service. Look for producers who use borate in their care, as well as non-toxic, colorless or other odorous substances. CCA is also useful in preserving wood.

Let's proceed to treatment now because you know what to avoid when taking a wooden house.

Care practices


If you take care of your home regularly, it will protect it from damage caused by bad weather and pests. You must take care of your home at least twice a year, preferably in autumn and spring. Spring is the best time to get ready at home and it also gives you plenty of time to prepare for the hot months ahead.

Fall time allows you to check for damage while preparing for the cold months. It is very important that you do maintenance during these seasons. Over time, you will find that schedules remain more efficient and cheaper than irregular maintenance practices. This also takes less time.

Check the house

Before starting treatment, check your home to find out what needs repair. Start at one point in your home and cross the inside before looking outside. You have to look for pipes, cracks, mold and other damaged damage that can affect your home. Be sure to check the roof for leaky gutters, cracks in the chimney, and other factors that damage the stability of your home.


When cleaning your cabin, you will see more than during the inspection. Not only is that good, it also gives you the opportunity to get rid of dirt, animal dust, cobwebs and other deposits in your home. Soft bristles, warm water and mild detergent are enough to clean the cabin without reducing aesthetics. Start by soaking the surface before using soap in them in a circular motion, so that the log does not become scratched. Pipe under the cabin and let it dry for about three days before moving to another stage.


Your outlet may or may not require stains, and this will be the first time you check your cleaning results. Coloring every three years is enough if you use high-quality dyes. However, this will vary depending on the cabin exposure to the sun. The side that receives the brightest hair before the age of three continues to increase. You know it's time to open your booth.

Putty application

Chinking seals the connection between suitcases and protects your home from elements. If done well, chinking must function for two decades. However, this will depend on the type of temperature of your wood cabin. Fortunately, there are elastomers on the market that work much better than the cement-based cracking that was previously used. Elastomers require less maintenance and therefore reduce maintenance costs.

Pest control

Do it every year for the best results. Wood cannot defend itself against insect attacks, and if this pest is not controlled, you have to pay a lot of money to maintain your cabin. Therefore, make it a habit to clean, dust, and smoke your cabin as often as possible to make lice more difficult.

Annual interview

It is important that you always clean your gutters and that you control the drying of water, because the sparks affect the appearance of your home. Effects include darkening some parts of the cabin and decomposition and infestation. These problems are expensive in the long run.

If you don't hold your booth for a long time, it's best to start with the recovery process. This is surface preparation, preservation techniques, coloring and sealing. However, it is best to protect yourself from the cost of recovery by keeping your home well every year.